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How much will it cost?

-Every classic car is different and the cost will depend on the level of restoration work needed. If you are looking for a full restoration and a first timer then the general rule of thumb is to take whatever budget you had in mind then triple it. Most of the time, the price you may have in mind is a lot less than what it actually takes. We encourage clients to educate themselves before we get started. To save from headache and heartache.

Can you give me a quote?

-Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact quote or estimate. We bill off of time & materials needed to complete the project. We do our best to educate our clients on why it’s impossible to do. In simple terms, “Every car is different” but it goes much deeper than that.

Do you offer transport services?

-Yes, we can provide local and nationwide transport for work to be completed at FHA. At a fee, our 24 ft. enclosed trailer is perfect to transport your ride in all weather conditions. 

When will my car be ready?

-The average restoration can take between 6-18 months depending on the job. Custom jobs and resto-mod time lines vary depending on the scope of the project. Parts availability can also hinder a timeline.

Can you restore the vehicle in stages or sections?

-Breaking a build into sections can cause unwanted problems and costs for both the client and the shop, we prefer to complete projects in their entirety, but we are understanding and willing to work with you.

Do you buy and sell cars?

-Sometimes, but it depends on the condition, price, and location. If we were to help is needed selling your vehicle we do charge commission.

Can you help me find a donor car?

-Of course! We can help you find a project vehicle, but there will be a fee depending on location of the vehicle.

Are you a salvage yard?

-No, but we do have a large selection of new and used Pontiac and Oldsmobile parts for local pick up only.

Is there anything you do NOT do in-house?

-We do not perform: machine work on engine rebuilds, rebuild automatic transmissions, chrome and trim polishing, or media/sandblasting. These are outsourced to reputable companies who specialize in their craft.

Where is your shop located?

-Frisco Hill Auto is conveniently located off of I-55 and Meramec Bottom Road in Saint Louis, Missouri. We are right on the border of Oakville, Missouri.  

What if we run into a problem during the build?

-Every build has its own challenges, but not to worry. If we run into hidden issues needed during the restoration process, then we will immediately contact the client, asses the repair, reevaluate budget, and timeline as a team then proceed from there. If extra parts and labor are needed, then time and material will be an added cost. Classic cars have been around the block a time or two and can sometimes have hidden damage, previous work done incorrectly, or hidden corrosion. As much as we would like to be able to know every detail about what the car will require, we cannot always see everything until the car is taken a part and sand blasted.

What happens if halfway through the restoration there is a change of plans?

-At FHA, we believe that once a job has started only very minor/small adjustments should be made. We run on a tight schedule and cannot push other customer’s vehicles back because of what has been referred to as “might as well” syndrome. This is when clients approve what they want done to their vehicle and mid-way through decide to make a change, “because you’re already there”. For example, if FHA is doing a frame-on restoration and halfway through you think, “Since I’m already doing everything else I ‘might as well’ take it off the frame and have it sand blasted because this would be a good time to do so.” As a customer, you must understand that these kinds of changes take time, additional funds, and must be separately scheduled for a later date. Every change in a plan increases costs and timelines. Very often, mid-project changes become a lot costlier than if the decisions were made in the beginning of the build.

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