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With Frisco Hill Auto's On-The-Go Classic Car Mobile Service you don't ever have to leave the comfort of your own home, we will come to you! Service, repair, and maintenance of your vehicle at your home, on your schedule because we understand that your time is valuable.

Let our well-trained professionals come to you. 

Labor rate: $135 an hour. Time & material.


General maintenance

Tune ups, oil changes, tire rotation, battery charge or replacement, basic engine tuning, etc. 


Automotive detailing

Interior/Exterior wash, wax, buff, clay bar, window treatments, ceramic coating*, etc. 

*location must be approved



Vehicle preparation for exiting/entering storage to ensure a smooth transition. 


Collection Curation

We offer scheduled multi-vehicle maintenance, vehicle documentation, organization of inventory, logistics, and any services needed to complete your collection. 


Pre-purchase inspections & assistance

If you're planning on purchasing a new vehicle and would like for an expert to review it before hand, we can help.


transportation logistics

Whether you're in need of transporting your classic to our shop or to a car show in California we can help. 

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