Our fabricators have plenty of experience with MIG & TIG welding, sheet metal fabrication, custom fabrication, replacement panels, rust repair, moldings, and trim, etc. We like to make sure that our metal is flawless. This kind of detail makes the next phase of body work seamless and more efficient. The end product will look like we were never grinding or cutting. Each vehicle must be stripped completely down to bare metal. Top, bottom, and everything in between. Any problem panels are replaced with new complete panels and rust is removed. Any under-structure that is exposed is treated for corrosion before it is covered up again. All panels that are not exposed are accessed via drain holes or the like and treated on the inside for corrosion protection.


FHA believes that a paint job without proper body work will get you a nice looking exterior finish, but it lacks the proper steps necessary to keep it that way for a long time. Other shops might patch panels, use lots of filler and primer, and paint the door jambs, if you're lucky. At FHA we don't agree with that kind of process. Sure, it will get the car to look great for a few years, but eventually the rust underneath will come back to say, hello! In the end, you will be back to square one which is a waste of your time and money.

We believe that a complete restoration of the body is necessary and is the proper path to restoring the vehicle correctly. A body restoration is much more in depth than just a "paint job". We like to explain how the body and paint go together so that you as a customer know what you're getting. Which is the best quality restoration we can provide.


Our in-house painter uses the best quality materials from Standox. Each project can be accurately color matched or mixed to your specifications. If you happen to be another restoration/fab shop looking to outsource your body and paint then you've come to the right place. Networking with other shop owners is one of our favorite things to do and if we can help you out then we will! 


With 3 knowledgeable mechanical technicians we can ensure your vehicle is operating efficiently. Yes, the exterior of the classic car has to look pristine, but the engine is the heart of the vehicle and without it working properly there won't be any car cruising or smokey burn outs in your future. We simply can't have that! We will make sure it runs as good as it looks. Some problems we often see: steering, suspension, electrical diagnosis, rewiring, transmission, exhaust, fuel system, radiator, cooling/heating systems, brakes, tune ups, just to name a few. The goal is to get you on the road again and that's exactly what we'll do. 

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The interior of the car is one of the last steps of the automotive restoration process, but it can make a big impact on the personality and feel of the car. We work with our clients to creatively attain their end goal and achieve their vision.

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Factory correct builds are always appreciated, but modern upgrades make a huge difference when it comes to performance and drivability. Looking to do an engine swap? What about a transmission swap, disc brake conversion, bigger cam, headers, suspension upgrades, AC, heat insulation, electric start, etc. Just one example to think about is St. Louis summer (90 and HUMID) then think about NOT having AC, yikes. Upgrades can make driving a little more enjoyable. 


FHA has a 40+ year collection of Pontiac and Oldsmobile parts. If you have any inquiries about parts please feel free to stop by the shop, send us an email, chris@friscohillauto.com or give us a call #314-416-1380



If you own a classic car then you know that general maintenance is extremely important to the health of your vehicle. It could mean the difference between going on a car cruise or not making it out of your garage. Helping hot rodder's stay on the road is our job! Tune ups, fluid flushes, additives, and winterizing are just a few things that will help your rides longevity. 

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With Frisco Hill Auto's On-The-Go Classic Car Mobile Service you don't ever have to leave the comfort of your own home, we will come to you! Service, repair, and maintenance of your vehicle at your home, on your schedule because we understand that your time is valuable. Let our well-trained professionals come to you with anything from: General Maintenance, Auto Detailing, Post/Pre-Storage, Collection Curation, Pre-Purchase Inspection & Assistance,  and Transportation Logistics. 



Gyeon offers a wide range of premium detailing products thoroughly tested to satisfy the needs of car enthusiasts, as well as the exacting requirements of professionals. Being a Gyeon certified shop gives us the opportunity to provide uncompromised product quality to our clients.

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