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Gary M. "The people at Frisco Hill Auto are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. I was cheerfully greeted the moment I walked in the door, and after a tour of the shop to see where my car would be worked on, I sat down with Chris (owner) to discuss what I wanted done. I gave him and his team the challenge of putting a LS3 engine and transmission, among other things, into a 1967 Buick. It turned out great! His people are knowledgeable, creative, and very detail-oriented. I would recommend Frisco Hill Auto to anyone needing minor repairs or a complete restoration on their classic car."

JR F. "We took our project car here after it was becoming too much work for us. They did an amazing job and went above and beyond what I would have expected. They were always more than happy to show what was going on with car, with giving weekly updates with pictures. We could also come in whenever and they would go over everything in person and explain what had all been done since our last visit. Overall it is a bunch of really good people doing really great work!"

Jason P. "When it comes to picking out a restoration shop for my 68 Nova, I chose Frisco Hill Auto with the following factors in mind:

1. Quality
2. Value/Budget
3. Time
4. Communications

I started by asking around at car shows where people had their car's paint and body done. Three body shops seemed to have done most of the top-notch cars in the South County/Jefferson County area. Of those shops, I chose Frisco Hill because they seemed to be excited about my car, and the shop atmosphere was far and away the best (busy, clean, many happy workers). Eventually, we agreed to do a complete frame-off restomod. The rest of the review will be based on how they did measuring up to the four criteria listed above.

The mechanical work that they've done is top-notch. Frisco Hill completed an LS swap, fabricated a new driveshaft tunnel for my TKO, installed vintage air, and a lot more. My Nova is in primer as I write this, and it's laser straight (see pictures). Chris M, the body man, has done a fantastic job straightening her out.

Restoration work is expensive, and this is the first major restoration project I have commissioned, so my idea of value is: Are they sticking with the estimated budget, or have they gone over the budget? We are nearing the end, and they will come right in at the agreed-upon budget (I’ll update this if something changes).

Time is the one factor I was most concerned with. I've heard of people having their cars sit at a body shop for YEARS before getting them back. Who wants that? They took my car in August 2021 and told me it'd be almost a year before it’s completed. It's March of 2022, and they are finishing it up by the end of May. So, no complaints.

At the beginning, Chris (the owner of Frisco Hill) came to my house and looked over the car and gave me a rough idea of how much it would cost to do a lot of the work. He then wrote up a detailed estimate based on our conversation. Never have I felt pressured to do anything with them. They send progress pics EVERY WEEK without fail. They also send a weekly email that details the work that was done. When you pay your bill, you get a full itemized list of what has been done to the car, the parts that were bought, and the labor costs, so you're never in the dark as to where your money is going. The shop is always open to go in and check the car out. And, you feel welcome. I have 2 little boys who go with me often. They love it. It's like they get to go to a (sometimes loud) car show every couple of weeks.

I hope this helps you pick a shop. It’s a huge decision. Good luck!"

Greg D. "I have owned a 1972 Camaro for nearly 15 years. I initially had needed work completed by a local restoration shop and the work was mediocre at best. For example, the work requested was not performed, or was completed in a shoddy manner, or was obviously not checked that it was done correctly, or things unrelated to the work no longer functioned (or worse, were removed from the car!).

Frisco Hill has been doing the work on my Camaro for nearly 10 years now. They are knowledgeable and have excellent craftsmen. Their communication is excellent...from the receptionist to the owner (Chris). They listen well, ask good questions, and seem to genuinely care about doing the job right.

I have had several repairs and upgrades successfully completed at Frisco Hill, and have never had to take the car back for rework or corrections, and have never had surprises from a cost perspective. In short, I trust them!

I highly recommend Frisco Camaro is headed back there in two weeks!"

Zac S. "Chris and everyone at Frisco Hill are top notch. They have worked on two of my cars and I couldn’t be happier. Every experience with them has proven to me that they are knowledgeable, upfront and above all, honest. I have seen many of their projects over the years, from small repairs to stunning full restorations. None of them fail to impress. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone with classic car needs."

David C. "We had our 1970 Cyclone restored from Frisco a couple years ago. We had looked at several shops in the area and chose Frisco based off how they bid the job out. Chris and his team through the ups and downs worked with us to see our dream through. We are very pleased with the progress. Not to mention how flexible they were with picking up and dropping off our car multiple times through each stage of the project. We will be back again!"

Tom C. "I've had my 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe since 1982 doing a Resto mod on it in the early 2000's. It looked great but was not mechanically sound. I took the car to Frisco Hill to work out the "bugs" which included providing a working transmission, brakes, a larger fuel tank, suspension enhancements, and an engine tune with cosmetic improvements. I now have a fully functioning auto. The workmanship was stellar, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. The people there were easy to work with and there were no surprises with the bill. In fact, they made suggestions that saved me money. I highly recommend Frisco Hill if you have a special car that you want done right."

Mike C. "This shop is great. Had some rust repaired on my Mustang, and they made sure it was perfect for me!"

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