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Meet the FHA Team

Curious as to who works at our shop? When I asked the owner how he would you describe the team? All he could do was shake his head and laugh. "Everyone that works at FHA has their own funny personality and their own set of skills that makes up our unique family. Every day is always interesting here at FHA." (Especially, with a bunch of hooligans running around.)


Dwight: Shop Manager

Dwight's interest in classic cars came with his first vehicle purchase in high school. He bought a 1962 Chevy Nova and the addiction began. His entire career has been in the automotive industry and 28 years later he has found himself returning to his roots with the classics. When asked, "What do you like most about the line of work you do?" He responded, "I enjoy helping customers bring their dream cars to life." During his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and 3 dogs. Dream car: 1957 Chevy Bel Air two door. (Great pick!)

Stephanie: Public Relations

Stephanie's love for classic cars started when she was a little girl. "I remember being picked up from Elementary School in my families '65 Mustang. I used to think that car was so cool. It was gold on gold on gold! I've spent a lot of time at car shows, love going to the drag strip, and still get excited when a sweet car rolls into the shop. Most of the time I'm walking out of the front door to look at it before the clients even out of their car. I can't help it." Stephanie started working at FHA in August of 2016. She graduated from Webster University and previously worked for a PR firm in Central West End. In her free time, she enjoys: playing with her two dogs Timber & Charlie, riding her motorcycle or dirt bike, and spending time with family/friends. Dream truck: 1964 SWB Fleetside GMC

Chris M: Body Work, Fabricator & Painter

Chris's interest in classic cars began when he was 14 years old. As a teenager, his grandfather helped him work on an assortment of project cars. His first assignment was to rebuild a transmission and engine for a 1970 Chevy Malibu. That was only the first of many restorations Chris would take part in. He then continued his education at South Technical College for Welding and Sheet Metal. After graduating, he went to work for a local shop and gained 18 years of experience. “I’ve worked on just about everything.” Chris joined the FHA team January 1st, 2017. When asked, "What are you looking forward to at FHA?" He replied, "The variation of projects. I enjoy looking around the shop and seeing such a wide variety of cars. I'm also excited to work at a shop that is growing and motivated. Quality work is what’s most important to me so this shop is where I belong." In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing with his two dogs, and working on his personal collection of classics.

John: Fabrication & Body Work

It all started when he received his 1st Hot Wheels. "I was 2 years old when I started playing Hot Wheels and model cars. I used to participate in model car shows around 10-12 years old." As a teenage he cruised the iconic Lindbergh Blvd. in his '65 VW bug. (only St. Louis natives will know) One of many builds he would go on to complete. As a teenager he used to cut grass to afford his car parts. "I never went to school for this. It was all hands on for me. The kind of learning with your mouth shut and eyes wide open." When asked, "What his favorite part of about working on old cars?" He replied, "Being able to make changes or mods and seeing sentimental clients reactions." What made this gear head choose to work at FHA? Friendly team, clean shop that is up to date, and strictly works on resto's. In his free time...just kidding...he doesn't have free time! Let's just say he's a little bit of a workaholic.

Shawn: Mechanical

"I had the typically classic car upbringing. Played with hot wheels as a kid. Model cars." His first mechanical job came after he blew the engine in his first car. "I was street racing in my '73 Nova and had to rebuild it. I kept it for a few years after." Shawn attended Ranken Technical College for auto body but always had the mind for the mechanical side of things. When asked, "What do you like most about working at FHA?" He replied, "The variety of cars always keeps me on my toes. I am never bored and love the challenges that some of them bring. You never learn if you don't get out of your comfort zone." (Wise words) In his free time, he likes to hang out with his family and work on his own collection of cars. Which consists of: '65 Chevelle, '68 C-1-, '52 Willy's AeroLark, and a few others that aren't "as cool". Dream car: '55 Chevy (the words couldn't leave his mouth fast enough) Google Two Lane Black Top and you'll get the picture.

Brad: Fabricator

Brad hails all the way from McPherson College in Kansas. His love for classic cars started when he switched majors from Mechanical Engineering to Restoration Technology. He graduated with a bachelors degree in the Spring of 2019. After having many offers during a career fair at McPherson he choose FHA because of the process we take during our restorations. "I just clicked with Chris. We have the same vision." When asked what his dream vehicle is he simply laughed. "My taste is constantly changing because I'm new to the classics. Since I just started getting into them about 4 years ago when I started school. Right now, I'd love to own a stock '56 F150 or a Stutz Bearcat." In his free time, he enjoys being a new dog dad to his 9-month old Catahoula puppy Hank.

John: Porter

John's interest in cars started when he was a kid. After graduating high school he acquired a 1980 C10 and spends most of his free time working on the truck or spending time with his son. His dream car is an iconic 1967 GTO.

Roy: Body work, Fabricator, and Painter

Roy's interest in cars started around 8-9 years old and the bug only got worse once he was old enough to drive. The same Uncle's that taught him about cars as a kid gifted him a 1956 Chevy for his first car (Nice guys those Uncles) It was his first official project and didn't take him long before he had it on the road. One summer was all it took. Everything he's learned over the past 47 years in this industry was self-taught. "Back then you had to know how to do everything. It wasn't like today where you specialized in one thing. You had to know mechanical, body work, fabrication, and how to paint." Originally, he starting out as a mechanic then learning body work, paint, and then fabrication. When asked, "What is the most difficult part about this line of work?" He responded, "It's just not easy work! It's hard on the body and a lot of chemicals. The only reason I'm still doing this is because it's so rewarding." He's retired twice, but clearly isn't the best at it. "If I'm still healthy then I want to stay busy. Cutting stuff up is what I like to do. Being able to be creative makes me happy." That's why metal fabrication is his favorite. He wanted to come work at FHA because, "You guy's work on cool stuff and no collision! Which is great!" We are extremely excited to have him join the FHA team.

Dream car: (He couldn't pick one.) So the most current side project will have to do. A 1969 Bronco that's headed to SEMA 2020. He'll begin working on it in January. In his free time, he enjoy: he likes to hang out with his family, dogs, obviously works on his own project builds, and loves going on car cruises.

Kevin: Mechanical

Kevin's interest in cars started when he was about 13 years old. He started to peak interest in the customization side of things. Once he realized that the automotive industry was right for him then Ranken was on the horizon. He graduated with a degree in automotive maintenance and started working at a dealership where he's been for the last 9 years. The reason for making a move was simple. He wanted to get away from regular maintenance and collision. When asked, "What drew you to come work for FHA?" He responded, "How clean the shop is! Everything is so bright and open. Plus, the type of projects are always different." In his free time, he likes hanging out with his family, 2 year old daughter Eli, and going to different drifting events with his '92 BMW 325. Dream car: '55-'56 Chevy 3100

Mark: Upholstery

Welcome, Mark! We have been wanting an in-house upholstery technician for years and finally lucked out with this uber talented fellow. Mark started upholstery work in 1992 at Valley Auto Trim in Kalispell, Montana and has been at it for 28 years. He first started out as an apprentice at a hot rod upholstery shop and has since found his way back to it. "I love vintage cars because they are so much more stylish. I wanted to come work for FHA because the team takes quality seriously and doesn't allow short cuts." In his free time, he loves to hand out with his wife, two dogs, and build custom cars & motorcycles. He is the proud owner of a 1968 AMC Javelin. Fun fact: He's owned it since he was 17 years old. As well as a 1929 Model-A pick up truck and two custom choppers. His dream car? "I love my Javelin."

Jeremiah: Mechanical

Our newest hire, Jeremiah's

love for classic cars started as a kid playing with matchbox cars and tinkering with his father. "My dad owned Roadrunner's, Impala's, quite a few classics back in the day. My first major project was pulling the motor out of my '69 Skylark and putting it into an '81 Camaro." Since then he's acquired over 25 years of experience in the field. His favorite part about the job, "Being able to say, I fixed that, I built that, I did that. The satisfaction is all I need." When asked why he wanted to work at FHA. He replied, "Because you guys work on the cool cars! The best part about working here is that I get to take the appropriate time to get things right. Much different than collision shops where they want things rushed out the door and focus on time not quality." In his free time he enjoys: drawing, air brushing pin stripping, hanging out with his family, riding his Harley, and working on his '68 C10. We are really happy he joined the team. Dream car? He loves them all!

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