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Oldsmobile W-Powered Muscle Cars: The W-31s

The ’68 W-31s sported a Hurst 4-speed transmission, as did the W25s, but they were called “Ram Rod.” This option was exclusively for the Olds A body vehicles: the F-85 Club Coupe, Cutlass Standard Coupe, and Cutlass Coupe. ’68 W-31s included the forced air induction system that was seen in the W-30s. In addition, they had a high-lift camshaft, larger valves, a specific harmonic balancer, outside air induction, heavy-duty radiator, dual exhaust, 3.91 or 4.33 gears, anti-spin rear axle, and a heavy-duty clutch. They also had an automatic transmission, air conditioning, and power brakes. This option was available on the Cutlass Supreme as well, but the engine was not included (the 310 horsepower Rocket 350 V8 was kept in these vehicles). Newly-designed cylinder heads were featured with this option as well as an aluminum intake manifold with a “performance calibrated” 750 CFM Rochester Quadrajet and W25 low-restriction air cleaner assembly. There was no dual-exhaust system offered but an upgraded cooling system with a six-inch blade and fan clutch were highlighted.

Merely 26 Cutlass convertibles were built in the year of ’69, but it was the only year a W-31 could be a ragtop! Not only did they have 325 horsepower with no power brakes but the ’69 W-31s also had a modified Turbo Hydra-matic 350. These vehicles went from 0-60 in 6.6 seconds. How remarkable!

1970 W-31s fell into one of the succeeding categories: Cutlass Hardtop Coupe, F-85 Club Coupe, or Cutlass Club Coupe. Of those, 1,029 were Cutlass Hardtop Coupes, 207 were F-85 Club Coupes, and 116 were Cutlass Club Coupes for a grand total of 1,352 Coupes sold. These packages included a larger harmonic balancer, 3-speed automatic transmission, 308-degree hydraulic cam, 455-size valves, aluminum intake manifold, specially calibrated Rochester Quadrajet 4-barrel, and standard W-25 ram-inducted hood.

From ’68-’70 these vehicles had a dual fuel line (like a regular Cutlass) with air conditioning.

All in all, W-31s have a lot of rare engine parts on them!


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