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Oldsmobile W-Powered Muscle Cars: The W-40s

3001 W-40s were crafted in ’83 while 3500 were crafted in ’84. However, there were a limited amount of the Cutlass Calais K47 cars crafted with the option of the Hurst/Olds W-40. Exterior-wise, it was complete with a black and silver paint scheme detailed with silver accent stripes, bumper rub strips, headlamp doors, tail lamps, and back up lamp bezels that were blacked out, a grille that was black and argent, amber parking and turn lamp lens, wheels that were chrome and argent detailed with a red accent stripe. Not only that but it also had a front lower air dam that was black, a silver deck lid spoiler, silver hood scoop, silver dual sport mirrors, a Hurst/Olds front license plate, and halogen headlamps.

In terms of emblems, the ’84 Calais had a Hurst/Olds medallion for the front-end panel, a Hurst/Olds door script decal in red lettering as well as a right-hand lower deck lid script.

The interior included reclining bucket seats, a sport steering wheel and console, a gauge package with a tachometer, the Hurst/Olds instrument panel emblem, lightning rod shifter with a 4-speed instrument panel indicator, air conditioning, and maple red trim in cloth and vinyl.

Featuring a V-8 engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, and a torque converter, the Cutlass Calais was certainly unique. Its chassis was comprised of rear air shock absorbers, a dual outlet exhaust, and a specific ride and handling package.

In regards to authentication, the VIN code “9” should indicate that it’s a 442. The build sheet/service sticker should have the option codes W-40 and W-42. Furthermore, there can be a cowl tag under the hood with the W-42 option listed—if not, they just had a trunk lid mounted service sticker. It would most certainly have a dual snorkel intake with a chrome lid and the transmission code “OZ” on the passenger side of the tranny. Above the gas pedal, there should be a “kickdown" switch that looks similar to the old Turbo 400 passing gear detent switch with a side switch that is only activated at full throttle and will cut out the A/C clutch after being smashed to the floor. In addition, check the tire pressure sticker on the driver’s side door.

This was the last Hurst/Olds to be produced.


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