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Oldsmobile W-Powered Muscle Cars: The W-25s

The Oldsmobile, first established in 1897 by Ransom E. Olds, initiated the era of the W-cars. The first Oldsmobile was showcased at the Chicago Auto Show in 1901. Another individual who contributed to the Oldsmobile’s legacy was a man by the name of Alexander Winston, who built and raced Bullet cars.

What could potentially be the rarest of the W-cars, the W-25 convertible package included a dynamic 455 engine, Hurst-shifted four-speed transmission, and forced air induction system. It had 345 horsepower due to a high-flow Rochester Quadrajet carburetor and low-restriction dual exhaust.

Body-wise, the W-25 package for the '70 442 sported a fiberglass hood and rear quarter panel line--but lacked the top fender line. However, it did contain vertical lenses on the taillights.

The '72 W-25s featured a Ram Air Hood and gold SS III Rally Wheels.

In contrast, the '75 W-25s had 175 horsepower, 275 pounds of torque, and a Turbo-Hydramatic 350 3-speed automatic transmission. The 442 option was available on the Cutlass & Cutlass S. During that time the 6-cylinder engine was standard (250-ci inline).

Fun fact: the term ‘W packages’ originated from Jack Watson’s name, a.k.a. the Hurst/Olds co-creator.


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